April 21-27, 2018
3. Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival, Iran

Idin Samimi Mofakham will actively participate in 3rd International Contemporary Music Festival in Tehran, both as an artistic co-director of events, as well as the performer and composer during the one-week meeting with contemporary music.

Detailed list:

25.04, 9.00 PM, Roudaki Hall

Idn Samimi Mofakham’s piece “Hesâr” forRecorder,Violin and Cello, performed by XelmYa Trio (Germany) at their “obsessions” – a soloist trio crossing boundaries. sounds & details, past & future, to & fro.

24.04, 9.00 PM, Roudaki Hall

SpectroDuo in concert
Program: 7 Meditations for soprano saxophone, piano and electro-acoustic layer

More info about the Festival can be found on and social media streams. Tickets available on